Amber Rose Is That Chick…


Spotted: Amber Rose, Kanye West’s current lady love, being Amber Rose rocking that “I’m so different” swag of hers. So bright neon is what’s hot in the streets huh? Shaking my head. That ain’t it.

I swear some folks just always got to be so extra!

Especially this chick, she gives Keri Hilson a run for her money. I usually don’t even bother with Amber’s shenanigans, but when I saw these photos of her I couldn’t help but wonder…Amber, homegirl, explain the hair por favor? And while your at it discuss the neon colored outfit. Your so bright I bet I could still spot you in a middle of a blackout. I really don’t know how I feel about this. On one hand I appreciate her individuality but this screams desperate tranny trying to make another dollar. I guess.

Sell that ass,


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