Hilary Duff is a “Gossip”!
Yes! Former Teen-Queen and sadly fading star Hilary Duff gets cast on a role in my favorite show Gossip Girl! Hil. will be play Olivia Burke, a movie star who goes to NYU in search of a normal college life. Yes, it’s not much of a stretch, but a check is a check! Work for that relevancy girl. Who’s next? Lindsay where you at?

Britney Spears “Radar” Official Video
Zzzz… If this video were anymore boring it would be practically nonexistent. While the cinematography looks rather nice, grainy vid and all, there’s no hot choreography. Granted my girl B does look damn good, this is your 4th video B and you still haven’t proven you can still dance. Are you ever going to?



Busted! Rihanna’s In Trouble For Ink
Yet, another scandal for Ms.Rihanna. Girl, what else is new? She apparently tattooed her Tattoo artist and a couple of others tattoo artists at East Side Ink tattoo parlor, unaware that tattooing another person is illegal unless your trained to do so.

“Only licensed tattoo artists can administer tattoos in the city according to the City’s Health Code. We are sending someone to follow up on this.”

-New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

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