Style Paragons | Show A Little Skin, K?

I sometimes face the dilemma of wondering if I should be what most would consider more “fashion” and “stylish” or stick to my more hoe-ish attire and rock my scantily clad and barely there swag.  It’s like what my Bff would always tell me:

Hoe! How the hell are you “fashion” when your barely wearing any clothes?

I would recoil with a “Bitch! Check my grecian gladiators and my mini-studded leather belt”.

The ability to distinguish is tough sometimes. What he doesn’t realize, or maybe he does and he just wants to point out my hoe-ish-ness, is fashion and style is not just layering, matching, or mismatching clothes, it’s also if not more so in the little details. Now, I know this might sound asinine to some, I know it’s not that serious and were not saving lives here, but that’s fashion and I love it. It’s not at the top, but its way up there. Regardless, Its meant to be fun!

When it comes to fun, fearless, and scantily clad fashion, fellow flickr member, HeyheyKK has it down pat. I’m all over his summer-ready, audacious, vibrant, and airy mash-ups, especially a sure to be drafty but hot royal blue tank.  Combined with eye-catching and creative photography, he’s serving style piping hot on a platter, with a dash of sizzling accessories, and skin is definately always on the menu! A true style paragon.

Take a peek at more hot and breezy looks from HeyheyKK, from colorful tanks to sleek and L.A-esk basic white tee combos

Give them something to talk about,


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