On The Runway Part IV | Roberto Cavalli Spring 2010

Joey Kirchner


Sick of the fashion? Well as my good ol’e Bff, B, would always kindly say to me when I’m tired of something: “Oh well, Hoe!” Don’t fret though, I was going to put up my favorites from the Roberto Cavalli collection but then I decided to ditch what would have been a waste of effort, considering all the clothes from the fashion house was just uninspired, boring, odd, tacky, and frankly pretty ugly.

However, the designer did win my heart in some other way. Which you ask? Well its the uber hot male models he cast on his runway. Namely my love and obsession Joey Kirchner.

Swoon! Just looking at Joey Kirchner gives me the shivers.

Never mind that my window is wide open in this chilly summer night, anything this guy is attached to I’m buying. I’m on him like Eminem on Mariah! About that, will somebody get me his address? I need to pay him a visit…

Ali Larter levels of obsessed aside, peek at more photos of Joey and the other hotties from the Cavalli show

Nobody can take me away,


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