Models In Motion: Benjamin Godfre

Benjamin Godfre


It seems like where there’s water there’s hunkmeister, male model, Benjamin Godfre to frolic in it. Truth be told, Benjamin G. is probably one of the few men in the world who can make sissy words like frolic sexy as all hell. Likewise, he’s still as good looking on land as he is on water.

Generally speaking, for someone who looks so darn good-looking,

you’d think Benjamin G. would have a huge ego to match his big ego.

Instead, he comes off as such a fun, down to earth, humble and adorable guy in these videos. Free of arrogance, he seems almost too good to be true!

Take a peek at a fresh-faced, swooped hair, sexy accent and all, Benjamin Godfre, thanking his adoring fans and skateboarding shirtless among, with more photos of Ben doing what he does best

Can’t leave you alone,

One thought on “Models In Motion: Benjamin Godfre

  1. Have been a fan for a long tme. You are one sexy hunk and luv your Tom Cullus shots. Blog need some new ones that are out there. lol and keep up the good work

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