I Surrender! | Jordin Sparks – Battlefield (Bimbo Jones Edit)

deluxeeditionnWow! Bimbo Jones‘ ultra-addictive dance remix of Jordin Sparks, first single off her new album, Battlefield has to be one of the loudest dance remixes I’ve heard…ever! And you know what? I absolutely effing love it! This pulse-pounding track starts out right at the very top and never quits its barrage of the senses until the track ends. It’s relentless, mind-numbing and it’s one of my favorites songs at the moment! I wrote a review about Jordin’ Sparks video a little while ago and while I did like the song and the video, I was really more excited about the dance remixes. Fortunately, I wasn’t disappointed at all.

This must be what War in the dancefloor sounds like.

If it’s not obvious by now I’m just absolutely blown away by this track. I love it, I’m deep in it like a soldier in the trenches. Surprisingly enough, I’m not really usually a fan of Bimbo Jones’ remixes, but I will admit they killed it with this. The beat that they mixed up, while not groundbreaking, is amazing, they’re like bullets they’ll push right through you.

It’s your move, was this a triumphant dance remix? or just another casualty of bad remixes? Well, you’ll never know unless you download, listen and confess.

This is my battle cry,


Download: Jordin Sparks – Battlefield (Bimbo Jones Edit) (Over 800 downloads! Link Re-uploaded)

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