The Curious Case Of Kim Kardashian

Something strange is going on with Kim Kardashian lately. Her swagger and her look went through a very drastic change from her then boring and most of the time tasteless hoochie sensibility to now where she’s trying to be all “fashion” and shiz. So, what’s the deal?

Don’t get me wrong, I actually really like her “transformation,” especially this Roman-greco braided look, it’s pure fire!

And, It’s actually making me like, even care about, her for a little bit. However, truth be told, now that she’s embracing fashion, it’s as if she’s usurping Jennifer Lopez’s spotlight even more than she already has. While Jen’s star, who used to be one of the most famous celebs a.k.a Bennifer and had the most recognizable derrières, is not as bright anymore… Kim’s seems like hers is getting brighter and brighter the more she resembles Jen. Additionally, notice how Kim Kardashian is now known as the girl with the biggest butt in hollywood? A title that used to belong to who else? Jennifer Lopez! It’s funny because there’s even photos of her in events that made me think she was my Jenny for a moment or was wearing something that’s so J.lo.

I couldn’t help but wonder… Is she consciously trying to swagger jack Jennifer? or is it just pure coincidence? Maybe I’m crazy? Whatever it is keep it up… I guess.

Liking the look,


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