On The Runway Part II | D&G Spring 2010 Collection

garett neff

garett neff

Yes, I’m a little behind on my fashion week stuff. I can’t help it, I get writers block! Anyways, I’m loving the D&G Spring 2010 Menswear Collection. It’s a little western and distressed, mixed with L.A flashiness, with a dash of that good ol’e sex appeal. What else would we expect from those two. If your not seeing it: think Christian Audigier, Ed Hardy, Matthew Williamson minus the heinous prints and much more refined with actual style and class. Yeah, I said it. I dislike Ed Hardy. That look is too much for my liking.

There’s tons of pieces that I absolutely adore here: from that studded leather bag, Garret Neff is rocking, those  metallic sneakers, to the thigh-high swim trunks. I want them all! Especially the sunglasses!

I’m a sucker for oversized aviators and I love the way these frame the face I have to rock that and I will!

On a side note: I couldn’t help but wonder… are distressed denim making a comeback? I can still remember how everyone was rocking the distressed jeans look, from the ripped in the knee ones, distressed at the bottoms, distressed all around, theres even the infamous ripped at the butt-cheek! That’s the style the hoochie’s preferred, and I obviously approve… at the time. But,  now it seems like tons of celebrities, including unlikely ripped jeans wearer Victoria Beckham, has been spotted rocking the old 2001 ripped jeans look. Are we ready to do that again? Is the era of the skinny and slim-fit at an end? I certainly hope not. Why must must we opt to look like herds of dingy truckers or lost mountaineers who just survived a fight with a mountain lion? I’m not ready.

Anyways, check out some of my favorite looks from the collection ranging from more leather bags, knee-high boots, plaid combos, distressed jeans and leather jackets and the hot men wearing them after the cut

Loving it,

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