Snow White | Aj Abualrub…Undressed

Aj AbualrubI can’t help but swoon, fawn, and melt like ice over male model Aj Abualrub. This stone cold, kentucky raised, half german and half arab guy not only stands at a skyscrapingly high 6’3, he was the former face of Calvin Klein, and he is also shutting it down and making quite an impression over in Milan for fashion week. Why am I not surprised?

One glance from those icy blue eyes of his have me frozen!

I’ve got the chills!  Aj’s got me on ice, he’s got full control and he’s got me feeling the freeze! But quite frankly I wouldn’t have it any other way. How can I resist those captivating, cold as ice, but charming eyes, the bad boy with skin as white as snow swagger, the pouty and pale lips, the ash-brown and slick back hair, and the undeniably lean body. Oh, Aj could you be the fairest of them all? One things for certain: your the enchanting apple of my eye, even if poisoned, it’s one spell I’d happily fall under.

Let’s live happily ever after,


Aj AbualrubAj AbualrubAj AbualrubAj Abualrub

Aj Abualrub

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