Get Off Me! | Kerry Degman & Co. For Dsquared

Check out  Kerry Degman, Antonio Navas and Cesar Casier in a new Dsquared ad campaign. As always Kerry D.  looks the absolute hotness! Aw, Kerry looks so cute, with that puppy dog face of his! And those abs? I just want to lick it till my glands are dry as the Sahara. However, is that Lara Stone? My, I recognize those eyes, must be her… All I got to say about that is: Ooh, damn girl!

What’s with you looking like a 20 dollar transexual hooker, who gets paid in coins, all up on Kerry’s back?

I’m deeply puzzled, why does she look like that? Good grief! I am not ok with this. Who is responsible for this? She must have done something frigid to the makeup artist cause boy does he not like her and therefore did that to her pretty face. Boo, bitch bye! Atleast, your long blonde locks looks the supreme perfection. Is it strange that I kinda love her look though? Check out more shots after the cut

It’s too late to apologize,

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