You Betta Work! | Ciara – Work

Ciara, call her Cici, just premiered “Work” one of the two singles she’s planning to release simultaneously from her criminally pushed back album Fantasy Ride. While I’m not entirely sold on the song, I’ve heard the beat before I just don’t know where,

Cici turned it out, or should I say worked it out with her ass out in this video.

The girl is really giving Beyonce a run for her “Diva” money, when it comes to the choreography that is. Album sales? No. Anyways, while the construction theme of the video along with futuristic undertones look refreshing, I wasn’t blown away by this video at all. It’s too “Euro-chic,” which I guess is what she’s aiming for. It didn’t move me though, maybe its the song? On the plus side, Ciara looks pretty damn hot  in that black swim-suit with the space-esk bolero. Go Girl! You better work that alien look!

On a different note, I’m glad Ciara finally ditched that “tomboy” swagger she was trying to rock in the past two albums. C girl that just wasn’t the business. Considering there were also rumors that you were a hermaphrodite, dressing up as a boy is not going to help. Whew! I’m glad that’s over, besides I like this new look on her, it’s not original, but it works.

What do you think? watch the video and confess.

Put some snap into it,


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