On The Runway | Emporio Armani Spring 2010 Collection

Joey Kirchner

If you haven’t heard it’s Men’s Fashion Week over at Milan right now and that means:

Tons of uber-hot and dashingly-handsome men in designer duds looking nothing short of amazing!

I personally always love love love Fashion Week, its such a rich and abundant source of fashion knowledge, inspiration and let’s not forget eye candy! Speaking of eye candy, I spotted my love Joey Kirchner walking the runways looking the hotness. Swoon!  I swear, Joey Kirchner is a walking visual orgasm. Men like Joey are part of the reason why I believe in God, The devil can’t make heavenly creatures such a him. Joey Kirchner is a divine creation.

Back to the fashion. While, I wasn’t really blown away by Armani’s collection at all, I did like a few things, Joey Kirchner not withstanding, I absolutely love that black, possibly snake skin, bomber jacket Joey is wearing. That black wrist cuff: Covet! I need to rock those.

Check out more hot looks from the Armani Collection, from sexy gladiators, white jackets, patterned shorts and trenches, and stylish combos after the cut

Walk it out,

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