Boys Will Be Boys Part III: The Bold & The Body Beautiful

It’s that time of the month again… and no, its not PMS! If you haven’t noticed this is Confessions of a Bad Boy not Bad Girl. Ya Nasty! Anyways, I meant its time that I compiled the new top 4 Hottest guys on ‘Guys With Iphones’. Considering how the well the first two was received, like I said we’re all suckers for hot guys and the body beautiful,

I’ve realized that I’d probably be covering this man hoe-ish-ness until the end of time,

and by time I meant until I quit this naughty little blog of mines. Enjoy!

The Top 4

The Bad Boy

The Bad Boy

4. Oh baby! I’m his biggest fan, he’s like music to my eyes. This Bad Boy’s got the Midas touch and I’m going to need for him touch my body. He looks so delicious, this must be what Rock & Roll tastes like. He’s just yummy from head to toe, from the sexy facial expression, the low-riding jeans, to the handsome and scruffy  face, the little patch of hair in his chest and that rock-star bod. Swoon! Edges I definitely like them rough. I don’t even know who he is but it’s clear, I’m not delusional, I’m not losing my mind, I’m obsessed.

The Pretty Boy

The Pretty Boy

3. Men like this aren’t made… they are created. Oh, I could get lost in those baby blues, they get me every time. It’s too much, I can’t breathe, the man is taking my breath away yet again. If you all haven’t noticed, we’ve seen this sexy guy before, after all he not surprisingly topped the list last time. I swoon, guys like this are the reason why I stay true blue. Those eyes, the lips, the hair, the stature, the pretty face, why would I want to be with a lovely woman, when there’s sexy men like this? He’s a sight to see!

The Stud

The Stud

2. Assault! This beefcake and hunk of a man is after my own heart! However, like they say, you can’t victimize the willing. My defenses are down and I surrender completely, to those commanding eyes, the militaristic yet sweet face, those fully-loaded biceps, the sexy yet sharp v cut abs, and the tank-like body.  Somebody help me, He’s killing me and the damage can’t be undone. The man is like a weapon of mass destruction, not even the lead-lined bedroom walls can confine him. Truth be told, me without him is a crime against humanity, So please do me justice!

The Player

The Player

1. Goodness Gracious! Not even Gravity is strong enough to pull me off this ridiculously good looking guy. Fawn! Something is physically and mentally pulling me to him. I don’t know what it is, but he’s like a magnet to me. Those dreamy and charismatic eyes, the athletically lean physique, the adorably styled hair, even the douche-y fedora, is seductively calling to me. I will make sure to answer. Oh, He’s my Casanova, I Swoon! Give me a man who is man enough to give himself just to the man who is worth him. If that boy were me I would love him alone and forever.

Take a closer look at the guys after the cut



One thought on “Boys Will Be Boys Part III: The Bold & The Body Beautiful

  1. “the pretty boy” is photoshoped.
    eyes can’t be that deep blue just like the top of the picture 🙂

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