Spotted: Christiano Ronaldo

Spotted: Soccer stud and overall male sex pot, Christiano Ronaldo dining at  Eva Longoria’s surprisingly popular restaurant, Beso, looking greasy and flaming hot! Somebody please check my temperature, the man is giving me so much fever, I can’t stand the heat!

Convulsions set aside, Christiano Ronaldo is really taking Metrosexuality to whole another level, it’s practically on another planet. From the super-moisturized face, the chap-free and glossy pink lips, the perfect-tan, the large diamond earrings, the overly-styled hair, the accessories, the plucked eye brows, the fitting v-cut white tee, the nude bomber jacket with the matching Gucci-print man-bag, and the accompanying belt along with the shoe, The boy is serving it!

If this isn’t a hot stylish gay man, then I don’t know what is.

He looks straight up: versatile, and I’m not talking about fashion now either. However, I shouldn’t be so quick to assume. Women have been taking fashion inspirations and cues from Men’s clothes and so have men to women. Which lead to the birth of fashion ambiguity. So would it really be that impossible for a straight man to take inspiration from a gay man?

I couldn’t help but wonder,


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