Save Me | Ryan Reynolds In EW

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is aging very well. I remember seeing him for the first time in that awfully bad fraternity movie, Van Wilder  something, with then popular actress and current has-been Tara Reid, looking mighty fine! On a side note: Gosh Do you all remember when Tara Reid was still hot and actually had a flourishing career?  Damn, the girl is a mess now. Ooh, let us all pray. Well, that’s enough. Anyways, back to Mr. Ryan Reynolds, I always thought that he was so handsome and should have been a bigger star than he was then. Look at him now.

Dear Lord! That bod is so psycho and insane it’s gonna drive me straight to rehab. I need it more than Amy Winehouse needs her crack or whatever the hell the chick is under the “influence” of. He needs to get out of my head, give me some sedative maybe shoot me with a horse tranquilizer, do something. I want him out of my head. The fact that he’s modest and almost unaware about it makes him even more tempting.

On being a sex symbol:

If you take any of that seriously, you need to be euthanized, ASAP, there are moments when you can use that to your advantage, but it’s really embarrassing. I think I fear more than anything just sounding like a complete a–hole when I have to answer that question.

Oh Ryan your such a class act. Speaking of act, is it just me or does Ryan’s body hair not fit his physique at all? I feel like it makes him look dirty. Now, I’m not prejudiced against hot and “hairy” men but somehow I feel like Ryan would look 10 times better if he manscaped…it all. Maybe I’m wrong.

Could be right,


ps: Click here for a video of Ryan discussing his must list

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