Swept Away | Benjamin Godfre…Undressed

Benjamin GodfreOh what could be, what is it about handsome and athletic male model, Benjamin Godfre? I’m so drawn to you and I can’t help it. I’m utterly helpless, I just can’t pull myself away.

Is it those icy yet smoldering ocean deep eyes, the messy dark-brown hair, that handsome face? Maybe its the tattoos, the beach-perfect tan, or the unbelievably chiseled body that would make even Posiedon swoon.

Fawn! I feel like the Titanic, I’m sinking and I’m sinking quick! How could I not? Ben Godfre looks uber-hot outside soaking! I’m thirsty, so thirsty, my mouth’s wide open. I’m dehydrated and Benjamin Godfre is one tall glass of water, I’m ready to drink.



6 thoughts on “Swept Away | Benjamin Godfre…Undressed

  1. I luv the pic of him walking out of the ocean, I dream of being lost on a deserted island thinking I will never be rescued, I hear a noise and turn around to see Benjamin coming to rescue me. I would be appropriately grateful and give him whatever he wants.

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