Spotted: Lindsay Lohan

Spotted: Everybody’s favorite bad girl, possibly faux-lesbian, and once and may never be again “It” Girl, Lindsay Lohan leaving “the clubs” as I like to call it, fucked to the hell up on one to many patrons, tequilas, margaritas, you name it! The chick is so far gone, I can’t see her anymore! In the immortal words of R&B singer Monica: Lindsay is “So gone” Oh Linds, tell me what else is new?

On the plus side, tousled tresses and all, rocking black leggings, most likely from her leggings line, an oversized scarf, and a baby blue leather jacket, with embellishments all around, Linds looks banging!

However, o’le girl doesn’t even look like she’s trying to hide her public drunkenness anymore. Regardless, love the girl I couldn’t help but wonder though… why does she look like she just got possessed by some  devil or some witch doctor for an evil voodoo ritual or something? Let us all pray.

Down on bended knees,


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