I Got A Feeling | No H8 Campaign


Initially, I wasn’t quite sure what the “No H8” Campaign was all about. The only thing I knew about it was it was connected to the passing of the hateful and oppressive proposition 8 and it reminded me somewhat of the All Stars tribute to the September 11th fund and Artists Against Aids, with the whole mouth being covered theme.

After checking out the official website, a string of emotions just came over me. First, I was joyed that more and more people are still and continuing to rally together in protest of blatant discrimination, then I was angry for the proposition passing in the first place, in bright and sunny, California of all places, but then I was also upset at myself, as a out and proud Californian, for almost forgeting what had just happened to California or more specifically to my favorite city in the U.S: The bold and beautiful, San Francsico.

Confession: call me overly-dramatic but as I was reading the ‘about’ page for the No H8 Campaign, considering me and my Bff took part in the first major protest in Sf after the ballot passed, I couldn’t help but tear up a little.

I just can’t help myself when it comes to the gay community I get really sentimental. It’s one of the many things I am more than willing to fight for.

On a lighter note, as I was browsing that site, I couldn’t help but notice all the good looking guys, especially Mr. Brown Hair  (top left) with the muscles, so I went ahead and gathered the hottest guys I could pinpoint from the ridiculously vast photo wall that celeb photog Adam Bouska has amassed. Yes, I know… You are all probably thinking “This boy-crazy he-bitch, No he did not just do that after all that!?!” Well I did, once again I couldn’t help myself, boys will be boys and I’m a sucker for love. That’s another one of the many things that I am more than willing to fight for, it will be the death of me.

With Love,


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