This Can’t Be Love | Cassie – Must Be Love

My official girl, Cassie, half shaven hair and all, just released the new video for her new single “Must Be Love” after, the much better track, “Official Girl” didn’t quite take off the radio as expected, even with the help of “Gimme More” producer Danja, the Clutch, and Lil Wayne.

I adore Cassie and love her angel-whispering-like voice. But, honestly I’m ridiculously underwhelmed by this track, its boring, uninspired, and the video adds absolutely nothing to this sleeper of a song. On the plus side, Cassie looks stunning and at least the video fits the song.

When I first heard “Must be love” this is almost exactly how I pictured the video to be with the whole simple, sleepy, spanish-afternoon feel, however the video is just that and it’s nothing more and nothing less.

I don’t understand why they keep coming out with slow-jams like this, Cassie needs to come out with a dance song, something for the clubs, and something for the gays! Granted, the hook is killer, the song is just so-so. On top of that, nobody is checking for songs like “Must be love” right now, It’s not 2003! Moreover, the song might have been much much more tolerable if Diddy wasn’t featured at all. The man is an annoyance, can’t stand him at all. I love Danity Kane, and I love love Cassie, but Diddy? No, I’m going to pass on his shenanigans. You are not Jay-Z, get over it.

It must be love,


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