Spotted: Lauren Conrad

Spotted: Fashion Icon to some, retired T.V actress to most, and designer to others, Lauren Conrad, who famously played “Lauren” on The Hills, ditching her long blonde mane, looking the hotness with a long brown bob while out shopping in the beautiful L.A. Rocking a Chanel purse, an overly embellished shirt, skinny jeans and clunky heels, the look is such a departure from Lauren’s usually casual L.A style, it’s a little jarring. Regardless, the brown hair looks great on the always blonde and the entire look is shutting it down! Too bad its a wig from an upcoming Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot.

I couldn’t help but wonder though… now that she’s without The Hills what will Lauren do to hold on to her dwindling fame?

Girl, you better hurry up and release that clothing line from Target, Khols, or wherever, of yours. If you want that check, sew that sweater, sell that ass, do something! Your getting real boring.

It’s your move,



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