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Hey guys, new category alert! In an effort to provide more original content here at COABB, considering my Memoirs of a Bad Boy “series” is currently on “freeze” status, due to certain unmentionable circumstances, I’ve been wondering what I should replace it with. That’s where Style Paragons comes in. I’ve had this in the “works” for a while now, but I just haven’t found the right way to execute it… until now.What’s a Style Paragon? Well, it’s a “female version of a hustla, of a, of a hustla”. Oh, wait, stop the track, that’s not it, I’ve been listening to “Diva” way too much.

Style Paragon: a person who has a particularly excellent sense style without going overboard.

With that in mind, I also wrote about Matthew Williamson’s men’s diffusion line for H&M not too long ago. While I personally disliked the entire garish and pretty tasteless collection, there was one item I had my pretty little eye on: The Matthew Williamson Studded Leather Jacket.  I adored it, I loved it, and I had to have it.

Short story shortened, I never did get my paws on the must-have jacket. However, I did find, or did he find me? through my H&M post no less, fellow flickr member Julian, who shared the same level of enthusiasm I had, if not more for the studded piece. The difference is he got it, plus he rocked it well. Pairing the jacket with a basic white-tee, a black leather belt, slim-fit blue jeans, with peek-a-boo underwear, along with multi-colored and retro sneakers, J kept it fly, sexy, and fashion ,without being “in your face” trendy. A true Style Paragon.

Check out more hot looks, which includes pink converses, patchwork shirts, wayfarers, cuffed shorts, and gladiatiors, from J after the jump

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7 thoughts on “Style Paragons | It Studded With J

  1. oh my gawd he is so hot… i’d definitly do him.

    he’s pure sex.

    l, please more of stuff like this….more interesting than the perfect models

  2. The jacket is from H&M Jon. It came out, if i can remember correctly, maybe more than a month ago. It could still be in stores…

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