Love Is A Battlefield! | Jordin Sparks – Battlefield

I absolutely loathe American Idol, I dislike the show to the fullest, but I do like some of the winners. Ridiculousity! I know right? Well, my favorite would surprisingly have to be Jordin Sparks whose video for her current single “Battlefield” just came out. When I first heard Battlefield some weeks ago I didn’t quite fall in love with it, the way I did for “One Step At A Time” which is my favorite song from her, but it has grown on me more and now that I’ve seen the video, I like it even more. While the video did take the concept of the song almost quite literally, I actually really adore the simple treatment for the video which consist of Jordin initially inside a parked black car and walking around the field. The video is simple, well done and allows Jordin, with her amazing voice, to really shine. Her voice here is the best it’s ever sounded, Right?. Anyways,

the “wow!” moment for me wasn’t the fireworks, it was when Jordin came out of the car in that black dress and started slowly strutting down the field looking nothing less that beautiful!

She’s really come into her own in this video, she exudes this broken hearted girl but with confidence as opposed to simply just a broken hearted girl. I can’t wait for the dance remix. Watch the video and confess.

Get your armor,


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