A Vision In Gold: Ollie Edward & Sean O’pry In L’Officiel Hommes

17My always bitchy Bff would always tell me “Hoe! How is this shit a fashion blog?? There are no clothes!” he goes on to add “all i see here are shirtless guys in their underwear, fashion my ass!” Well, in an attempt, to prove him wrong here’s a men’s fashion post!

Exotic male models, Ollie Edward and Sean O’Pry  were photographed by Milan Vukmirovic for an ultra sexy and très chic editorial, “Golden Years,” for the summer issue of L’Officiel Hommes. The photos, in the words of Christina Milian, are “So Amazin,” I don’t know where to start? I love love love the gold shades.

I’m absolutely blown away by the sheer audacity of those fringed-metallic sunglasses!

I also adore the black high-top sneakers, covet the leather jackets, maybe even the Martin Margiela, L’Incognito Sunglasses. Overall, the  ultra-modern and two-toned theme, along with the styling, and direction, mixed with the scintillating and titillating photography is sheer perfection.

Hey Gold member,



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