Troublemaker | Matthew Paetz Undressed

Matthew PaetzWhen I first saw these photos of male model, Matthew Paets, I initially thought he was, my all-time favorite model and love, Joey Kirchner. The similarities are so uncanny, he could be his twin! They both have those sexy slightly slanted eyes, resembling features, they share a similar build, and very similar haircuts, but what gave him away is the missing tattoo on his right chest. That is something that is trademark Joey. Regardless, Matthew Paets is tantalizingly gorgeous in his own right! Me and him, left alone could not be trusted. A handsome guy like him can talk me into absolutely anything, if he wanted too.

I’m going to play it cool, but there’s this swaying lust I can’t control for him.

That herculean body, those starry-eyed stares, and of course that quixotic face makes me want to lose control. Slowly we’ll undress, face to face, chest to chest, hip to hip and unless I don’t control myself, what will follow would equal trouble.

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of trouble,


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