Convesations Between…Passengers

Scene: On the train, meeting up with a girl-friend, headed to the city, iPhone on hand, wearing my Lucky Brand slim fit jeans, an extra small H&M basic white crew-neck tee, paired with my black leather Kenneth Cole “On the beach” sandals, and the Lucky Brand black leather belt with my hair tousled and rocking my new Chockerz4men ‘Hardware’ sterling necklace, I look to the little girl with her mom on my left:

L: (small wave)
Girl: (blank stare)
Woman: Say ‘Hi’ sweetie.
L: It’s ok! kids never say Hi to me for some reason, thats the second time today. (laughs)
Woman: Oh! She’s just shy, (looks at the girl) Are you shy, cause he’s too trendy? 

End Scene.

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