Would You Rock it?

This over-the-top and bewildering little number right here is OAK’s new black asymmetrical sleeveless wrap. I have to say, while I  do

love the asymmetry, the color, the edgy-boho look, the unfinished hems, and the head-turning and casual ease of it, it’s definitely a risky fashion choice.

Considering the fact, it can tend to look messy and downright street-rat trashy if worn improperly or by the wrong person. I’m torn, for some reason I love it! Is it the charming street styling, its almost over-the-top boho-ness, or has my fashion instict lost its sense for adoring such a questionable choice of attire? I couldn’t help but wonder, what do we think? Do we love? Take a closer look at this bewildering wrap after the jump and confess.

Questions existing,


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