I Must Confess…

Hey guys, L here. bedside blogging looking a hot mess. Happy Friday! First things first, Whew! I finally finished my classes…for the semester. I’m so relieved, not to state the obvious but College is so painstakingly exhausting! However, now that I’m done with all that “intellectual” shit, until the fall, maybe the summer, I’m finally going have more time for myself, my social-life, my dating life, and my favorite little blog. FYI: please vote for me on Best Male Blogs, give me a 5, or something good I hope, and I will love you forever ever. Anyways, Summer is here, and I’ve been ready and waiting. Time to hit up the beaches, spend that hard earned cash for summer and fall outfits, lunches at Cafe Flore, quick dinner at Barracuda, maybe a sit-down at Tangerine?  then hit up Lime? I don’t know, I’m going to go wherever my heart takes me. Speed dial connect me to B, click in R?

It’s time to migrate,


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