Shut Up & Dance | Pussycat Dolls – Hush Hush

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this video from The Dolls. I had initially thought that the Pussycat Dolls’ next single was going to be that ultra heinous and practically nonsensical “Painted Windows” track, so I pretty much just expected the whole Doll Domination-era to end at a depressingly low note. Luckily, the Dolls ditched that awful song and went this uptempo dance track tinged with vintage disco. Honestly, the first time I heard this song I did not like it, because I thought it was another slow ballad, and I don’t really like listening to too many ballads, so I never really got through it the first time. Which is why, when I finally heard the full track I was just blown away. “Hush Hush” is probably one of the best tracks off that whole album! It’s very reminiscent of “I Hate This Part” where it’s meant to be a heart breaking ballad but transformed into a dance track, something I’ve noticed PCD does pretty well. The video accompanying the song is also pretty top notch, unlike the bootleg video the Dolls have been churning out as of late such as “Bottle Pop”. Robin Antin must have came to her senses and finally given up on that not forgotten cause never known girl group “Girlicious,” and stopped using the Dolls budget on their asses. Although, while there’s nothing revolutionary here, I do love the whole disco-topsy turvy “Dollhouse” concept. I’m just bewildered at the fact this was the first reference to “Dolls” considering the group’s nickname. Anyways, I really hope this single takes off like the less stellar “When I Grown Up” and the amazing “I Hate This Part”.

The throw-back disco inspired beat with the “I Will Survive” sample just make me want to grab some glow-sticks, get up, and shake my ass, hands in the air, with my freakum clothes on.

Watch the video and confess.

I will survive,


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