Lock Up: Tim Hamilton’s Spring Summer 2009 Collection

Tim Hamilton Spring Summer 2009I‘ve been captured! Tim Hamilton’s Spring Summer 2009 collection is dangerously arresting. It’s so ridiculously my aesthetic, I can’t handle it. Where to begin?

The casual and easy leather jackets, the relaxed, messy, bordering on slouchy stripe-on-stripe layering, the hip black, navy, & gray monotonal combos, almost reminiscent of a prisoner outfit,

the unexpected straps on the trousers and shorts, the simply made romanesque sandals, along with the rough-and-tumble combat boots, everything is brilliant. I covet it, I need it, I have to have it. I want Tim Hamilton to dress me, I can be his mannequin. Interestingly enough, I had actually coveted those black & white striped fleece shorts, since the moment I laid my eyes on them, who knew the whole collection was just as amazing? I will definitely be keeping a look out for him now, his 2009 collection is hip, casual, severe, and inspirational. Oh, and the models aren’t bad either…

I want them all over me,

p.s check out the rest of the collection over at Tim Hamilton

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