Messy Boys That’s What We Like!

Hello, everybody! It’s Memorial Day, but this post is actually dedicated to my Bff, B! Happy 21st Birthday, You male Harpy! You are my brother and my sister at the same time. Can you believe time has gone by this fast? It seemed just like yesterday when we both first met in Middle School, in our little groups, looking the hottest of hot messes! It’s really amazing how far we’ve come. This is for all those Men, Hot hook-ups, Castro nights, $500 phone bills, wild photo-shoots, The “J” era, asinine discussions, slutty shenanigans, and other types of bitchery and fuckery we’ve gone through. We need to click some glasses! Speaking of boys, seeing as how your into to those types guys who are albeit “dirty”  and “messy” this post is for you. I’m sure their swagger will remind you of that guy we once almost hooked up with. FYI, as soon as you get back, were going to celebrate! Here’s to you

Lookin fly, Sippin on Mimosas for Breakfast, drinking mojito’s in the Castro, & Taking baths in Champagne

It’s time to Migrate,


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