Give It Tommy! | Tommy Herd In Tetu

Tommy Herd

My body is calling out for this bad boy! Tommy Herd is my new undisputed object of desire. Let me explain something first, when it comes to my vices, Hot boys in baseball hats are dangerously high on my list. It’s not at the very top, what that is I won’t confess, a boy like me has to maintain some mystery. However, hot boys rocking them baseball hats are practically at the top, they kill me! Like Buffy to Vampires they slay me. When it comes to those type of guys

I have no defenses, my guards are down, every time a hot boy in a baseball hat tries to holler: It’s a done deal.

By the end of the night I’d be on my knees, on my back, or spread eagle doing the damn thang. A guy like me can’t help myself, especially when it comes to boys like Tommy, those hypnotizing boy next door eyes, the bulging arms, that athletic bod, and that Frat boy swagger: Gimme More. If you want see more of Tommy, check out the rest after the jump.

I can’t control myself,

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