I must Confess…

Hey guys L here, at work doing the usual which is not working. Well, where to begin… All I have to say is Ick! what an awful month May has been, and since were practically just halfway through it, I expect it to get a lot worse before it gets better. First I had those uber heinous multiple and long essays to write, and my finals are in a couple of weeks and then my Iphone recently broke. Considering my phone was like my lifeline, I had to replace it immediately! And then my Macbook soon followed and broke as well. I was like What on earth? Why Lord? Why does technology hate my ass? In the immortal words of my BFF: Ridiculosity! Anyways, considering my Macbook was also like my lifeline I needed to replace that ish immediately. On the plus side, I got a new Iphone and a new Macbook, which is ridiculously amazing! I absolutely adore it. On the down side…I won’t be able to go shopping for a month! and I’m going to have to cut down on my useless spending. The horror! Oh why? why must doves cry? Well I’m off to the streets to sell that ass. 



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