The New Star Trek Owes It’s Success To Lindsay Lohan

Chris Pine

With Star Trek making a killing in the box office, making over $70 million, over the weekend, the Lindsay Lohan career reverse-curse adds another to the list. Reverse curse? you ask. Let me explain…

Well, if your a hot young unknown actor and/or actress and you work with Lindsay Lohan in a box office flop, you will be “cursed” with a promising summer blockbuster career. Case in point, Megan Fox, who played the bitch character, with Linds, in the terrible, but loveable, “Confessions of a Drama Queen”. She then made it big in a little know summer Blockbuster called “Transformers,” whose sequel is coming out in the coming months. Another lucky victim: current Hollywood “It” boy and go to young-leading-man, Shia LaBeouf, who joined Lindsay, in “Bobby,” then went on to star in “Disturbia,” and coincidentally, “Transformers,” & “Indiana Jones,” as well. Also, there was Rachael McAdam’s, who starred with Lindsay in “Mean Girls,” and then went on to make her career breakthrough with “The Notebook,” “Red Eye,” and “Wedding Crashers” which also came out in the summer, along with Amanda Seyfried, who was also in “Mean Girls,” who starred in “Mama Mia!”

And now I can add, uber hottie and sexy piece of man, Chris Pine, to that list, who starred with Linds, in the ill-fated romantic comedy, “Just My Luck,” whose now on his way to superstardom and hopefully to my bedroom too. Speaking of bedroom, that “sex” scene with Chris Pine was so amazingly yummy, its delicious.

The man looked like he was packing heat and frankly, I need to feel the burn.

Anyways, Poor Linds! every pretty young thing who works with her seems to get a career boost, yet she whose career is in desperate need of resuscitation can’t find a break, not even a Kit Kat from Samantha Ronson. Good luck with finding a decent or any acting job for that matter L, prove them all wrong

So the curse: Coincedence? or stroke of luck? Confess.

Oh how the mighty have fallen,

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