Knock Out | Edilson Nascimento… Undressed

Edilson NascimentoTo explain “Undressed,” its a post highlighting and introducing a new guy, on COABB, in a state of undress, hence the name, that I’m absolutely fawning over and would most likely keep covering on Confessions. However, considering brown-haired male model Edilson Nascimento has been on two posts already, one with, COABB fav, Tyler Bachtel the other with, personal fav, Adam Phebus, and revealing way more skin that is shown here, it almost defeats this “Undressed” feature and purpose. Regardless, I’m still going to go through with it because

sometimes love just passes you by and you miss it, but when it comes around again it knocks you down.

To be honest actually, the other reason I didn’t do this earlier was because I wasn’t really blown away by Edilson, but the moment I saw these new pics of him, my mind went on a trip. Especially, the photo on the right, which knocked me on my face. The overall look: the messy hair, his enchanting stare, pillow plump lips, and the body is so ravishing, I can’t help but smile, it just knocks you down.

I can’t get back up,


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