Bad Girl Gone Wild

First it was Cassie “Spread Eagle” Ventura, now Rihanna. Disturbia! I swear to god there’s no trend this hoe won’t ride. If you haven’t heard by now, Self-taken nude pictures of who appears to be Rihanna leaked on The Internets yesterday. While only two of the photos are clearly of The Good Girl Gone Bad laying in bed, the rest are of a woman who match Rihanna’s figure showing of her T&A in what is clearly the same hotel room. Take a look at the photos and judge for yourself here

Serious whore swagger aside. I have to give props to Rihanna for cutting of her face in the revealing shots, this way if the photos ever leak, which they did, she can have absolute deniability. Genius! Take note all of you Hoochies and Himbos if your going to take naked ass photos of yourself, for your man or any other hoe-ish business, hide your face or else. You don’t want to learn your lesson the Vanessa Hudgens way do you?

Better think twice,

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