Tyler Bachtel & Edilson Nascimento For Chokerz4Men

Tyler Bachtel

Tyler Bachtel and Edilson Nascimento are featured as the current faces of Chokerz4men, a somewhat high-end accessory brand.

The catalog shows both models looking smoking hot, especially COABB favorite, Tyler Bachtel,

in the shower, and rolling in bed, in the nude. Oh Tyler! I fawn. The man can do no wrong in my eyes. Anyways back to the ass accesorries, while I don’t love most of them, there are some jewels and must have’s here. Case in point, the Hardware” necklace. I love it, its so my style. dangerous and fashionable. I’m all am all over that. I’m getting my credit card out right now. I covet it, I need it, I have to have it, I want that necklace, as bad as Britney Spears wants some cheetos right now. Love ya B!

Don’t choke me,

2 thoughts on “Tyler Bachtel & Edilson Nascimento For Chokerz4Men

  1. This guy is 100 percent tool!!! He knocked me up and told me to get an abortion. I never heard from him again!

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