Qouted Verbatim: Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson when interviewed, by Vanity Fair, about the comparisons with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera says:

My album was different. I released a ballad first. I wasnt dancing and doing that whole thing. I wanted to set myself apart. But I was always third runner-up

That’s the way it goes,

One thought on “Qouted Verbatim: Jessica Simpson

  1. Hypocrisy at it’s not-so-best!

    A failed attempt to pat herself in the back… just proved how dumb this (possibly) fake blond is. Just take a look at one of her M.V.

    She shouldn’t flatter herself too much considering she’s comparing herself to THE former-crazy-now-rehabilitated-Britney.

    Is it a chicken or is it a Bitch?
    No, its just B.

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