Style Judgment: Matthew Williamson for H&M

matthew williamson menswear hm 1

Matthew Williamson recently launched his Spring/Summer Menswear diffusion line for H&M and while the women’s wear was hot, the men’s line leaves a whole lot to be desired.

Simply put the whole collection is tacky, garrish, and pretty tasteless.

More than half of the collection is more or less unwearable, unless your into that Miami Vice meets Pink Flamingo with a dash of L.A style. Yes, I know that doesn’t make much sense, but this collection doesn’t either. What I want to know is who approved this uber-flamboyant fuckery? That is a mess! I’m gonna have pass on most of this. Maybe I’m wrong though, they could look cute in person. Regardless, I do have my eye on that studded leather jacket. I might have to check that one out.
What’s the verdict? Do we love? Confess.

Guilty as charged,

matthew williamson menswear hm 1matthew williamson menswear hm 2matthew williamson menswear hm 4matthew williamson menswear hm 5matthew williamson menswear hm 6matthew williamson menswear hm 7

4 thoughts on “Style Judgment: Matthew Williamson for H&M

  1. It’s not tacky. It’s high fashion translated into affordable clothing, and this is what you get.
    Matthew Williamson is a more high-edge semi-avant garde fashion designer who designs for women only, and here he is tackling mens clothing and I think the collection is great for what he can do.
    He’s a womens designer for god’s sake, of course it would be more flamboyant than usual.

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