I must Confess

Hey guys, L here, doing my almost weekly personal update and blog roundup. First off, I have to apologize for the lack of updates yet again. This week has just been so trying and exhausting. I really had to prioritize, mainly because I’ve been trying to play catch up with all my class stuff since I’m the KING of procrastination. I seriously started writing a 3 page essay on 9:00pm the night before and turned it in the following day. Yes I know. I’m giving my lazy ass a side eye too. Fortunately I got a B for that paper. Anyways, I’m actually in the middle of writing 3 essays (1 that’s supposed to be 10 pages) along with a PowerPoint presentation right now and luckily I’m almost done with 2 of the 3. Praise Jesus! for giving me the strength to do this and thanks to my job, where I be staying busy, typing my shit up, as opposed to doing actual work. Anyways, I promise to post more hotness more often once I clear this hectic week.

In other news, hot on the heels of BestMaleBlogs.com putting me in their “Editor’s Picks” section, another popular gay website GayDemon.com, just recently added “Confessions of a Bad Boy” to their “Editor’s Picks” section as well. Along with the addition, the webmaster also reviewed my blog and had nothing but amazing and kind things to say. I’m really just so flattered and just genuinely thankful and appreciative. I’m glad people enjoy Confessions of a Badboy, because I truly love and enjoy writing for it. It’s very therapeutic. Regardless, my traffic actually reached my highest peak yet and it did so 2 times consecutively thanks GD it’s such a major compliment!

From Gaydemon.com:

Confessions of a Bad Boy is a pretty doggone delightful newer blog which is funny, hip and just a little combative in the most cheeky sort of way. Designed and inspired by a young and talented guy, Confessions of a Bad Boy shows just tons of promise. His profile and personal sections are must reads in order to get a real feel for the blog, which then provide a by far more obvious view of where this irreverent and fresh cat is coming from. His “takes” are highly personal and mannerly and yet he poses some steamy semi-soft-core pictures of athletic studs who are somewhere beyond attractive in a very lusty sort of setting. His world of images does occasionally tend to run to the commercial with hot pictures of attractive guys in swim wear and other hot younger men posed in high-fashion duds, fresh from the latest and most hip designer wear. He features his fantasy love objects from the celebrity world in no uncertain adoration. In the end, we will see what he offers over the longer term but, as for now, this is a fresh and promising young guy with an eye for art, men and refreshing honesty. That’s a good combination in anyone’s book.



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