Intel: Cases Of Swine Flu In SF, San Mateo & Solano

Oh lord! Talk about toxic, the dreaded Swine Flu is getting closer. According, to the San Mateo County Times, San Francisco, Solano and San Mateo have all  recently reported cases of the Swine Flu.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health announced that the state public health department has confirmed that a local boy who recently traveled to Mexico has contracted the virus. Health officials said the boy is not in school. In Solano County, health officials said a 50-year-old Vacaville man likely has the virus. Two other probable cases, afflicting a 46-year-old woman and a 50-year-old man, were reported by health officials in San Mateo County. Neither person had traveled to Mexico, both cases were considered mild and both victims have recovered,

I can’t believe this is happening here, some years ago there was Sars, then the Mad Cow Disease, Avian Flu, now this? I’m really nervous about all this flu business, God forbid an outbreak  happens. I hope to God it doesn’t. Damn! 2009 was supposed to be My year..however there has just been way to much things happening.

Hoping it gets better,


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