Winner! | Rupaul – Champion


I have a treat for you guys. You all must check out this blazing hot dance track called “Champion” from Rupaul’s “Champion” LP. “Rupaul, the Original Sasha Fierce?” you say “He has an album out?” you ask. Well the answer to that is: Yes and yes. Let me put this out there first, I actually did not watch Rupaul’s show, Drag Race, this has nothing to do with that, but from what I can tell, on the internet, a lot of people did, by Logo’s standards at least. Anyways, I thought about putting this up, labeled as Mystery Artist, because I didn’t want people’s pre-existing notion of Rupaul to prevent them from listening, enjoying and appreciating what is obviously a great track. Nevertheless, when I heard this amazing song I just had to share it. This doesn’t sound anything like “Work” or “Cover Girl” It’s a fun dance song and and motivational anthem, with a great message: You’re a Champion. Think Christina Aguilera’s “Can’t Hold Us Down” mixed with Beyonce’s “Halo” set to a Britney Spears “Blackout” type of beat. Download, Listen, & Confess.

Still standing,
Download: Rupaul – Champion

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