Spotted: Vanessa’s Killer Look

Vanessa Hudgens

Spotted: Mini-fashionista, Vanessa Hudgens, shopping in L.A, rocking some pretty casual, but fearless nonetheless, fashion. Wow! I love the casual ease of this look. It’s airy and boho-esk with a dash of scandal. The gladiators on her are a good look aswell. Your killin’ it V. It’s Murder.

I know who killed me,

Vanessa HudgensVanessa Hudgens

4 thoughts on “Spotted: Vanessa’s Killer Look

  1. Gotta agree, plus the girl’s legs are to die for.

    && gotta respect the swag she’s got going.

  2. Wow lets give it up to Vanessa H! From miss teeny boper to the modern day hobo fashionista. She’s really unique and gotta love her

  3. B why does it sound like an insult when to compliment her? Always with the backhanded compliments. What’s else is new? Haha!

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