I must Confess…

My BFF, B, whose supposed to guest blog for Confessions of A Bad Boy, under Commentary from a City Boy (I’m still waiting…) has pointed out to me recently that the blog has gotten a little over-saturated, overtly sexual, and redundant. Apparently, each and every one of the past entries have been only of hot as hell & half naked men, thats its practically turned into a photoblog of Hot Ass Men showing off what they’ve got. While that’s not neccesarily a bad thing, that’s not exactly what I envisioned Confessions of a Bad Boy to be, so from now on I will try to balance the content on here, I have to remember and keep in mind that this is a Misc. topics type of blog, not some tawdry, nude or semi-erotica type of joint(bless those kind people who manage those blogs though). However, there will still be TONS of Hot Men featured, but there will just be more of other things that I care about as well. I am after all a guy of many interests.


One thought on “I must Confess…

  1. Glad to know you took my advice to heart and that you’ve implemented it already! Good job! The blog is right on track and this city boy’s confessions would be revealed in due time. It’s fabulosity now 🙂

    Fiercely regalicious,

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