Video | Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow

Black Eyed Peas

Welcome back, Black Eyes Peas. While I initially disliked this song it grew on me after a couple of days. They killed it with that barrage of minimalistic beats and that howling. While I love the song, the video is something else. I’m not sure If I’m digging it. It’s nice…if it came out in the 90’s maybe. There’s something off about the whole thing. Some of it looks real bootleg. On the plus side, Fergie killed it with that little solo dance of hers, I was like “Ooo, Work that thang Diva!” Bootleg-ness notwithstanding, this ish (the song atleast) will get them booties clapping.

Keep em’ coming,

p.s: I must have the album version of the song, because the video doesn’t feature the sick hypnotic beat near the end.

3 thoughts on “Video | Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow

  1. Glad that the group is back together. How long do you think it’ll take until we’ll hear this in a commercial?

    BTW that Fergie SO needs to get her year right…it hasn’t been 2008 for a good 4 months now.

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