Ringleader Can’t Call The Shots: Britney’s “Life” Backstage

Britney Spears

Surprise, suprise! Apparently, its not nearly as banging backstage as it is to be in the audience (I would know I saw her in San Jose) during Britney’s amazing and dazzling “Circus” Tour.

According to X17’S sources

There’s no cocktails (no alcohol of any kind, actually) allowed – ever! The food provided for the pre-show guests was “southern-style fried food,” which apparently was insisted upon by Jamie.


Britney was never seen backstage, “she is under lock and key,” according to our insider. And on top of that, The Pussycat Dolls [who open for her show, they were amazing as well] have never even been invited to meet Brit. There’s virtually no interaction.

Wooo Child! If any of this is true, which considering how tightly and obsessively I’ve been following, the one and only, living legend and iconic mama, Britney Spears, I highly doubt it isn’t. Life as Britney just isn’t as fun and free anymore, under the conservatorship. I think its time this conservatorship be lifted. Britney has obviously shown, time and time again, that she is now well, doing better, and can take care of herself. Additionally, Britney is a grown ass adult, she should be able to make her own decisions and make her own mistakes. Britney has learned her lessons and she learned them the hard way, as shown in For The Record. So I am anticipating the end of the tour mainly because, if the extension, of the conservatorship, was due to insurance companies not wanting to insure Britney with out it, This “tyranny” over Britney’s life will end with it. It’s time to let this songbird free of her cage.

Let her fly,

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