Scott Herman’s Model Confession

Scott Herman

I fell in love with Scott Herman the very moment I laid my brown eyes on him. How could I or anyone not? It must be love…at first sight! Yes, I’m a believer. He has those beautiful “wondering” eyes, his hard body is built like an Olympian God(as in greek mythology), his face is the very definition of handsome, and his personality, while maybe a little self obsessed, is adorable and charming. That’s my kind of guy, Swoon! And he looks likes he’s packing heat too. Fawn! Scott is just undeniably yummy head to toe. Anyways, Here’s a little video of him from Metro Velvet, most likely before his Real World days, talking about how he got his start in the modeling industry, check out the sexy Model Profile, with can’t miss moments, on Scott, after the cut

Be mine,

P.S Nine is my Lucky Number. I was born Sept Nine, and this year, My Birthday will be on 09.09.09.

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