Ima A Diva? | Beyonce Looking So Crazy Right Now


The self proclaimed Number 1 Diva in the game, Beyonce, performed at the General Motors Place, in Vancouver, for the 3rd stop of her I Am… Tour. B was spotted rocking some interesting, fugly, and bizarre as tranny hell fashions.

Whoo, lord! I almost choked on my water when I saw these. Bey, what is going on with you Suga Mama?

What is this? What is the reason for this type of fuckery? You must explain? Because I do not understand the meaning of all this. Surely these aren’t the Thierry Mugler designed tour wardrobe? Please say no, these costumes must have been for some other tacky function.

Now, If your confused, I am not reffering to the cute black crystal encrusted leotard. Seeing as how this is COABB, I have to uphold a certain level of aesthetic when it comes to beauty on the front page, the contents of an entry after the cut however.

These clothes needs to go to the left to the left, she need to put all the clothes from this tour on the box to the left, then take it to the dump where they belong or better yet donate it to a poor struggling tranny, whose lost they damn mind. I really don’t know, just take them away.


Here’s the EMOTIONS taking her over.


“What you said? Not to me?
You aint no diva”



Whoo! Lawd! There she goes.


All my single ladies, My new CD “I Am..” is in stores now!


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