Dollface | Sand’s Men’s Spring 2009 Collection


The new promo shots for Sand’s spring 2009 collection is out and the photos, especially the model in it, looks porcelain perfect.

I don’t know where to begin, I am just completely enamored by this shoot.

The gorgeous male model featured is just so mind blowingly handsome, I’m at a loss for words.

Check out the stylish clothes, which ranges from suits to sunglasses, after the cut.

Anyways, interestingly enough, there’s a guy who sits next to me in my Humanities class that looks just like him, only much younger. Does he model on the side? It’s a stretch, but the similarities are uncanny. He even has the same seductive bedroom hair, the dreamy eyes, and the whole sexy far away stare thing going on. Oh, be still my fluttering heart…this must be love. This right here boys and girls is the reason why I am a borderline B to C student. How can I focus in class, especially when there’s a handsome mannequin next to me? Too bad he told me he had a girlfriend. Heartbreaker! you’ve got the best of me, but If he hadn’t, I would not be writing this in my bed, I would be writing this in HIS bed. That is to say, after I’m done giving the G.I Joe to the Transformer in his Polly Pocket, which he could afterwards put in my Dollhouse. If you catch my drift, Pardon my subtlety, but…

Welcome to the dollhouse,

P.S: Who is this model? I must know.

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Source: Swipelife

2 thoughts on “Dollface | Sand’s Men’s Spring 2009 Collection

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