Hard Candies | Britney’s New Candie’s Ads

Britney For Candies

T ake a peek at the brand spanking new Candie’s ADS featuring the one and only Britney Spears. While the living legend and iconic mama looks absolutely astonishing, I’m not really digging this whole partnership. Pretty much because this is such a downgrade for Miss B.

First and formost, Britney Spears is an Icon, Legend, and an A-list superstar, Her face, body or image should NOT be plastered on a wall somewhere at Kohl’s right next to the Jacklyn Smith Collection or stamps like “40%-50% Off” and “Clearance Sale.” Second, and I’m not trying to be elitist here, but this is the type of thing that B list chicks in the game do. Anyways, I know they’re the sponsors of the Circus Tour and all, which is why she did it, but still…she could have atleast gone for H&M or something that has more clout in the fashion industry, maybe even a cellular company…Kohls? really? Well, I still love you B. What do you guys think? Is she pretty or tacky in pink? Confess.

Dreams aren’t made of this,

Britney Spears Britney Spears

2 thoughts on “Hard Candies | Britney’s New Candie’s Ads

  1. Is this where Britney’s career is heading? To some no-name company without much prestige attached to it? How sad that the once world-renowned princess of pop is now relegated to meaningless tabloids and most importantly, this sponsorship. What or who is candies anyways?

    Her concert better better not reflect her current state of music and publicity.

  2. She looks freaking amazing!!! Everyone has done Candies.. it’s not like she’s doing it for Target.. I think it’s HOTT!!!!!

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