Style Jury | Vanessa’s Fashion Blackout


Yikes! the usually well put together mini fashionista, Vanessa Hudgens stepped out with too pretty for words, always somehow moist in the face, boy toy and current boyfriend Zac Efron, during the Kids Choice Awards, looking not so perfect. If there ever was a fashion victim this is it.

V, as seen here, is rocking some pretty garish attire. I don’t know what’s worse really: the obscene amount and size of her gothic embellishments? those renaissance meets scarecrow boots? the puffy Daisy Dukes?  or that “Last of The Mohicans” fringe top?

It’s not all heinous though, on the plus side the belt is cute, I’d rock it.

The thing is the pieces would have probably worked had they been used separately and not all together. She basically looks like a pirate’s gothic fishwife from the land of Oz.  Carefull V, you don’t want to be THAT girl, who think they’re so “Fashion,” when in all actuality they’re really not. Well, you took a risk and it didn’t pan out, Lesson learned V, you’ll get them next time. Love it or hate it? Confess.

Better off unidentified,



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